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Step 1: Appointment Details

Appointment Details

Appointment Type Bunny Special
Description Be sure to click "Reserve my Appointment" at the bottom of the last page. Your EMAIL address needs to be on the 3rd line. Not your home address. Otherwise you won't get a confirmation email.

Session Dates: Fri 3/1 4:00-7:00
Saturday 3/2 9:00-1:00
Mon - Wed 3/4-3/6 4:00-7:00
Closed Thurs. 3/1
Fri 3/8 4:00-7:00
Saturday 3/9 9:00-1:00
Mon-Tues 3/11-12 4:00-7:00

You will see available time slots on the next page. We are able to photograph up to 7 children in a group. If you are scheduling a cousin group, we would need an appointment for each family. Please book them one right after the other because of limited seating.

Each appointment requires a minimum purchase of Pkg A, B, or C:
A. $50 3-5x7s & 4 Wallets (Same Pose)

B. $95 3-5x7s & 4 Wallets plus
1 digital image (Same Pose as Package)

C. $130 5-7 Digital Images

The "Total Time" says 10 minutes, which is for the photography only. Of course, it will take a little more time to choose your portraits. We are taking less appointments per hour in hopes that our schedule will run smoothly, but when photographing children, we cannot always predict how it will go. (Now that's an understatement!) Please arrive just a short time before your appointment because of limited seating.
Duration 10 minutes

Appointment Options

There are no additional options for this type of appointment.